Press Release

Teki Latex to perform two shows in SA

Nearly everyone in the underground has heard the name Teki Latex at one point or another for different reasons.

From his rapper past as a member of revered progressive french rap group TTC : Teki Latex – Tido Berman – Cuizinier dating back to 1998 to his recent role as a curator of state-of-the-art streaming DJ show Overdrive Infinity and head of Boiler Room France.

From his position as co-founder of A&R of influential labels INSTITUBES and SOUND PELLEGRINO to his countless vocal collaborations with heroes Modeselektor, Eero Johannes, L-Vis 1990, Para One and many more.

From his gig as a radio personality on Rinse France (and as a regular guest on Radio Nova, FG and Mouv’) to his involvement in the Paris Ballroom scene as a musical selector for the Paris branch of vogue dancing team the Legendary House of Ninja.But since the creation of club-focused label Sound Pellegrino in 2009, multi-faceted Pop culture Overlord Teki Latex has been focusing on something he has always felt very passionately about: becoming the best DJ he can.

It’s hard to expect how a Teki Latex DJ set is going to turn out. A profound respect for the slow-burning grooves of Techno and House is palpable, but so is a fascination for the broken rhythms of IDM, Grime, the UK garage and sound system genealogies as well as many incarnations of american club music. What ties all of these genres together is Teki’s love for treating the DJ set as a construction game.

Playing music on 3 decks enables him to superimpose melodic grooves and DJ tools in order to create a seamless piece from very disparate elements. Every transition is a long blend, every song is re-contextualized, and the party becomes an experiment. Everywhere he has been, crowds from the Rex Club, Social Club, Showcase and La Java in Paris to Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Fabric in London, Output in New York, Rhonda in L.A, Smart Bar in Chicago, Cakeshop in Seoul, and countless clubs & festivals all over the world from Baltimore to Mexico City to Copenhagen via Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo and Hong Kong know it: as a DJ, Teki Latex is a force to be reckoned with.

May: Teki Latex at SWIM (CPT)

Tickets: n/#/

May: Teki Latex at Kitcheners (JHB)

Tickets: Available at door