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Bryce Kendall: Keeper Of Keys

Classic acoustic folk nuances meet the unpredictable lyricism and vocal tendencies of alternative rock in Bryce Kendall’s latest EP, “Keeper Of Keys”. The Cape Town-hailing multi-instrumentalist and singer finds unexpected footing in a expertly orchestrated genre blend one can never quite pin down.

With a healthy six minutes to make its impression, title track ‘Keeper of Keys’ is awash in unexpected melodic deviations which catch one by impressively gratifying surprise as Kendall explores personal liberation in the left-field love song.

‘Time Machine’ delivers a one minute, intricate acoustic guitar solo as a striking palate cleanser, while ‘Don’t Waste Time’ is steeped in high tone percussive guitar strains and lilting harmonica – navigating the importance of seizing the moment amid catchy phrase work.

‘Jeff Buckley Song’ closes the EP as a cruising, jazz-infused ode to the late American artist, whose languid pace is complimented by the only electric guitar strains present in the offering.

Catchy, although unpredictable melody, shines through frequently giving the impression of a forthcoming barrage of stripped down acoustic tendencies – but instead one is met with a brief array of bare-boned instrumental tracks which form the simple, yet effective foundation upon which his unique sound is built.

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