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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #46

This week’s selection is drenched in emotion, it will haunt you and possibly confront some feelings you’ve been ignoring. To be honest, that’s how I like my music. But the mood does take an upward swing towards the end, with a tidy kick in the pants from some post-hardcore rock to wake up your senses and get you through the last few hours of the day before the weekend starts.

Parabyl – The New Kid feat Tzara

Parabyl and Tzara have a mutualistic symbiosis in their production collaboration that is undoubtedly pushing each of them to sharpen and develop nuances in their individual skills. The parts are as excellent as the sum in this partnership, with each artist representing their voices in a distinct but harmonious presentation of lowslung, rolling bass synth pop.

Vox Portent – Neverending

Since the first time I heard a Vox Portent production, I was amazed at how much command and restraint he showed in building the multiple layers in his productions. Each one distinct but aware and respectful of their role in the mix. And each time you listen to the same track you hear new elements that you weren’t paying attention to before. This new track is a welcome addition to an already powerful catalogue.

Andre Leo – Lily Bones / Something Bad

I got goosebumps and then started to cry. This is hauntingly beautiful. Andre Leo has been releasing music solely as part of Medicine Boy in recent years. And suddenly, on the cusp of moving to Europe to pursue music industry domination with his partner-in-crime, he gifts us with these gloriously melancholic tracks. Thank you.

AliThatDude – Mood Ring EP

The mood of the EP has been paired with colours, deftly translating emotion into an aural experience with a visual reference. AliThatDude’s flow is groovy, nostalgic and captures the listener. I’m still holding onto the preceding song as the new track begins, unable to let go but ready for more and always begging for more. The featured artists are paired to compliment him, but also make you curious about who they are, which is a rare but necessary experience to offer when showcasing collaborations.

Kimosabe – For Life

I love a good pop song, and this is a well constructed offering that allows Kimosabe to take the lead. I’m on the verge of getting bored with the dominant sample in this track, it’s been overused by mainstream producers, but this song is great enough for it to be forgivable one more time.

Robin Thirdfloor – Ethekwini

This Durban artist is successfully combining heritage and futurism to showcase a sound that could own a dancefloor, be on repeat on your iPod or soundtrack a movie scene. This video gives a ‘Day In The Life’ perspective of his life in Durban and adds another level of authenticity to the experience of consuming his music.

Super Attack Move – Google Attack

A kick in the chest in the first 5 seconds, strong vocals that rest warmly in the mix with the powerful and relentless guitar riffs. A solid Post- Hardcore showcase that shouldn’t be too hard to swallow for first time listeners but be ballsy enough to please more critical fans.

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