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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #47

There is a lot of collaboration in this week’s feature. Each resulting in productions that hold as much weight together as they do separately. It’s not easy to define your voice and be cohesive with other artists simultaneously, so when it is achieved it is a thing of beauty. Enjoy this week’s selection, populate your playlists for the weekend, limber up and rave safe.

Crimson House – Pot of Gold
If I hadn’t purposefully chosen to listen to this track and it had rather ended up on a playlist, I could have easily mistaken it as part of the Peaky Blinders soundtrack. Gritty growls, blues guitars and a sassy rhythm worthy of the Selby brothers.

Creative on Tuesday – Salute Michael
The result of mixing a formidable musician well versed in all things jazz and a producer with a natural acumen for the groove. Separately they are Albany Lore and Daddy Warbucks, together they are Creative on Tuesday – but sonically pleasing every day. CIAO BENCH is reminiscent of Chet Faker but way more dancefoor ready, I have the shoulder shakes while I listen.

Okayshades – Documentary EP
A slice of magic from Robin Brink, many will know him as the drummer from Beatenberg but few will know that he is a devastating producer responsible for some of the most complex and diverse rhythms I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in some time. This EP was made at Red Bull Studios in Cape Town and features Pasta and Blaqkongo, two mother city artists who hold their own on these collaborations.

Nick Supply – Treasure Remix EP
True to the precedent set by previous Ambious Records releases, the selection of remixes on this EP are outstanding. Leeu, MKLY and Stupid Fresh have each served up a distinct and truly defining take on the Nick Supply original, providing further longevity by reaching new audiences. As a DJ, this EP will arm you with ammunition to dominate early, prime and late night sets.

Nadia Nakai and Frank Casino – Money Calling
It seems this video was made as a promo for Castle Lite Unlocked, it went online first thing on Friday morning. Ritualistic, rite of passage imagery accompanied by a narrative focused solely on getting money. Not sure how to feel about the product as a whole but the video is great and worth at least a few views before making a decision.

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