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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #50

This is the feel good selection of the season. Good vibes, deep in the feels and just enough jiggy at the end to get you ready for a big weekend of partying.

I get excited when the collection is on such a broad spectrum that it illustrates how divine and inspiring our local artists are and how much they deserve to be invested in. Sing along, have a little dance and click on the share button so more people can discover this magic.

Jackal & the Wind – Wild Child
The first of two reasons to be completely in love with this music video have nothing to do with the song (sorry guys). The product was created by an all female crew which I am overjoyed by, and if you are not absolutely in love with the child star of this video before the first chorus then there is no hope for you. All things considered, the song is also great. You can hear the very distinct influences in the structure and production of the music but it is well executed and memorable, accompanied by a video that accurately depicts the sentiment and energy of the music.

Jetson Belle – Purple City Lady
A nu-disco synth pop electronica ode to Pretoria. A sentiment I could not have related to until a few months ago, but I’m starting to understand the appeal and emotion attached to both the visitors and residents experiences of this city. If Pretoria was a John Hughes movie, this would be the ending credits track.

Yndian Mynah – Eye To Eye
I try to play it cool, like perhaps I don’t have regular readers of this feature but if you have been here before you will know how much I worship this band. There was a large chunk of my formative music education years dedicated to instrumental bands, I understand the intricacy and nuance of delivering emotion in music without a literal narrative. THIS BAND DOES IT EVERY TIME. Ok, I’ll calm down. But really, always have been and always will be obessesed. And this is a live recording from a gig, appreciate that energy.

Bianca Blanc – All My Life
This is a guaranteed immediate earworm, from the ukelele to the gang vocal harmony courtesy of the Cooper College Glee Club. This is the sing along business that fills Botanical Gardens and has cute couples swinging shoulder-to-shoulder as this becomes “their song” after a particularly special summer afternoon, saccharine and wholesome.

Broken Transient – GDMRNING EP
Ashiq has always possessed the ability to add nuance and distinction to his interpretation of boom bap and wavy beat music that just oozes warmth and emotion. Broken Transient is a mountain of blankets on an ice cold, rainy winter morning. But also that last sliver of the sun on the horizon after a perfect summer day, edging into an even more perfect summer evening. Keep this one on repeat, you won’t grow tired of it.

Darkie Fiction – Bhoza
This exciting future kwaito duo is taking the country by storm, delivering energetic and memorable performances in spaces that were never ready for them. There is a new wave of nostalgia embracing artists who are both showing respect for their predecessors and announcing their intentions, it’s time to get excited. The killer beat being delivered with class by Maloon TheBoom and mastering by the inimitable Kay Faith.

Sumo Jac – Skyline EP
Sumo has always been at the forefront of rule breaking bass music, embracing his character and taste regardless of what is trending around him. And while that may not always make the journey easy, it makes it meaningful. And with the inclusion of Broken Transient and SLABOFMISUSE on remix duties, this is a killer combination of some of Cape Town’s biggest underground hitters.

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