Opinion Review

Jean Zenan: A Perfect Sight

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, Jean Zenan’s debut release is a collection of deeply ingrained classic rock fortes and equally patent modern rock influence. The 12-track offering is the culmination of Zenan’s 15 year journey with music, with much of what is delivered having been collected through the years.

The prevailing sound is a strangely cinematic voyage through strikingly familiar territory. Bold Beatles and Queen influences make themselves comfortable throughout the extent of the album, through unpredictable rhythm and multi-layered vocal harmonies.

A bulbous, tense progression opens the project on ‘In The Beginning’. Electric guitar underpinnings and jazzy piano are backed by simple synth lines and occasional acoustic nuance. The thematic narrative of the album is sweet and simple, as Zenan navigates everything from love to the intricacies of self-worth, spearheaded with catchy phase-work and melody.

‘Goodbye Miss Thunderstorm’ practically marches out of the 1970’s, while ‘Love Me As Your Friend’ follows suit, bristling with melodic hooks. The album is bursting at the seams, brimming deliciously with a myriad of instrumental elements, which results in a catchy, if somewhat quintessential throwback to the classics of 20th century rock.

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