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Made For Broadway release ‘Lonely’ video

Made For Broadway’s latest music video for ‘Lonely’, filmed and edited by Shaun James, is a quirky performance-based piece with a slight twist and is a fitting ode to founding member and guitarist Sean Braam, after the band announced his departure from the pop punk group at the beginning of May.

While lyrically you can attribute what vocalist Justin James is on about to a romantic relationship that’s run its course, certain lines become a tribute to Braam’s exit with “Saturday nights used to be about/ Getting smoked up and just hanging out” indicative of how things change and responsibilities enter the fold as we get older that we cannot ignore.

“Sean’s artist passion goes beyond the music he makes and he has been given a super huge opportunity to build on his passion for animations and cartoons,” explains bassist Brogan Thompson when I ask him about Braam’s departure. “We can’t say much about what has stolen him but we can say our love still runs massively deep for Sean.”

One thing I’ve always wondered when I watch MFB videos are exactly how much of a vibe it must be onset. I mean, generally the dudes are quite a riot to be around, but put a camera on them and surely their inner Hollywoods are bound to creep out.

“We spent a bit more on pizza and creme soda than we did actual video costs,” Thompson tells me and I believe him, especially since they saved on a make-up artist by getting drummer Tate Sutton to make them camera-ready. So smart. Watch the video below.

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