Opinion Review

Scarlotte Will: Are We There Yet

Scarlotte Will’s first release in over two years, “Are We There Yet?”, is as much an unanswered question, steeped in existential frustration, as it is a rock-solid 13-track component of the band’s ever-evolving repertoire. Divided into three enigmatic parts – Tempestas, Nox and Lux – the 50-minute album sees a gradual, though deeply perceptible evolution through the fluctuating tracks.

Multi-layered aspects, richly steeped in alternative rock influence, are rife in the gritty, stripped down qualities of ‘These Lies’ and the equally powerful, experimental synth riffs of ‘Flesh & Blood’. While unpredictable melody stitches the interconnecting tracks together with weirdly satisfying abnormalities – prevalent in the richly textured African tones of ‘Let There Be Me’ and the chiming piano strains of ‘Not Much But Nothing’.

This is an album which caters to a myriad of tastes, simultaneously delivering a few meaty, headbanging tracks to get one’s teeth firmly into, while bare piano solos serve as palate cleansers, as the band explores the thematic intricacies of the detrimentally unattainable societal benchmarks which we all continually strive to meet.

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