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Van Pletzen release ‘Zaberfluten’ video

It’s crazy to think that in less than a year since Van Pletzen formed they’ve released one album and five music videos. Their latest, filmed, directed and edited by PJ Kotze (Bonanza Films), is a video & short film combo for the mellower ‘Zaberfluten’ and features hotshot comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout and the legendary Frank Opperman.

Forgoing the green screen format of ‘Eiland Styl’ and ‘Die Beats Amazing’, we meet Peach van Pletzen, Nik Nax and Bezuidenhout in their backyard klapping a lekker vis braai and things are all fun and irie.

But when Sulk Bezuidenhout turns out to be the ultimate party pooper (I mean, who the hell brings an eggplant to a vis braai?) and Officer Frank Opperman decides to make a house call things get decidedly interesting, especially considering the fact that Nik Nax is so high that when he talks subtitles are provided.

I’ve heard a few people say that they just don’t understand Van Pletzen’s vibe and that’s okay, not everyone is lus for this kind of humour. But if I’m being honest, there’s nothing about this project that I don’t dig – from their dodgy shirts to the dance-worthy beats to the fact that if it wasn’t for them I probably still wouldn’t know about rapper Early B – long may they skyf. Watch the video below.

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