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Wax Beach & Josh Wantie release ‘One More Night’ video

The collaboration between DJ duo Wax Beach and pop artist Josh Wantie was a chart-topping smash I honestly didn’t see coming. It’s so unassuming in its construction and build-up that it’s the sort of track you forget is on loop until you’ve heard it 14 times.

I’m also undeniably obsessed with how unapologetically South African Wantie’s vocal is – there’s no swapping his pronunciation of “chance” for a more Americanised version. Aweh.

Their newly released video, created by two of Wantie’s closest friends, Steve Thistle (filming) and Tyler Walker (directing) and shot in different neon-lit spots around Cape Town, follows two tattooed lovebirds (Wantie and Andrea Katzeff) who’re giving their relationship another shot.

“I’m super happy with how this video came out and can’t wait till we get to show people who have been enjoying the song,” explains Wantie. “Steve and Tyler planned every little detail and all I had to do was rock up and act. Andrea and I have been good friends since I moved to Cape Town and I always thought she would look great on camera, so we decided to try a faux relationship out on screen despite having never been romantically involved. It’s kinda strange at first but we wanted to have a sense of discomfort or unfamiliarity with each other.”

And while we don’t see how it ends, the romantic in me rates their vibe is doomed.

Eyes peeled for Wax Beach for who make a cameo appearance in and amongst the 80s-inspired sets. Watch the music video below.

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