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Yellow House: Sermon On Desire EP

The cover art for Yellow House’s EP is Gauguin’s painting of a Polynesian man. Accompanying images depict Emile van Dango in a beret, flowers in his hair, looking as though he has just walked out of a particularly progressive decade of 1800s. This entire EP oozes contemporary art allure – and we haven’t even gotten to the music yet.

Chronicling the spiritual battle between light and dark, “Sermon on Desire” treads an evocative, experimental line between poetry-rich dream pop and 808 hip-hop stirrings.

Chin-deep in artistic experimentation, the 6-track offering navigates the demons of mental health and the subtle roles of love, lust and desire in one’s core values, expertly paired with grooving baselines, kinetic synths and occasional oriental influences; all alluringly present in the richly brewed melody.

For all its 83 seconds, ‘Wicked Game’ serves as one of the most integral tracks on the EP, carefully textured in hip hop-esque baselines and cruising synth stamina. ‘Heaven Knows’ offers just as much in the four minutes its occupies – awash in silvery soundscapes and visceral lyricism: “Blacken out the sun / with this new point of view / ideologies stumble out of this smokey room.”

It’s raw, it’s intrinsically powerful, and it’s deeply cathartic even at its simplest.

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