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Bandustry set to hit Cape Town this week

Bandustry is a Non-Profit Company that hosts a series of music industry talks and networking sessions where they aim to share ideas and tackle some problems the music scene faces.

Each month industry professionals and musicians openly discuss the news and challenges within our music industry. Experts will share their knowledge and all the tools necessary to build your brand and inspire a change in the live scene.

A year ago Bandustry kicked off their very first talk in Johannesburg to a small crowd of musicians, industry professionals and music lovers. Today #Bandustry is a monthly networking, educational, interactive evening and this week they host their first event at Mercury in Cape Town.

Bandustry is not just another talk about music, it is every single person involved in the music industry – from musicians, to the suits, to the fans. It is a music initiative focussed on giving South African musicians the tools needed to build their business or brand and the industry holistically.

The event is free and open to everybody who wants to get involved in the industry and to connect with key figures in music.

For more info check out the event here.