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Dirty Moonshine: Bottom of the Barrel

I’m a huge fan of the kind of purist rock ‘n’ roll that Dirty Moonshine make – it’s in no way mainstream in SA at the moment, so you know that musos who are investing time and energy in the genre have to work a bit harder to find a way to make themselves heard.

This four-piece have been teasing the release of their debut album for over a year and they’ve very generously allowed us to host the full album stream a day before its official release.

“Bottom of the Barrel is finally here, we are over the moon and thankful to Texx and the City for being the first to stream our album before launch day. We wouldn’t have it any other way.” Ah, what dudes.

According to their official biography, Dirty Moonshine “is everything your mother told you to avoid” which means they’re exactly my type – tattooed and exuding a faint whiff of Jack Daniels but I digress… Their love-em-and-leave-em, bad boy aesthetic extends to their lyrics that drip in sexual innuendos, underpinned by rollicking riffs.

‘Fake It till You Feel It’ is more melodic than I’ve ever heard DM and is probably the closest to a ballad-like track that you’re going to get, while ‘Shot You With Your Own Gun’ is perhaps the most reminiscent of Guns ‘n’ Roses circa formation, courtesy of a cacophony of distorted guitars.

But it’s when they’re warning you about lethal ladies (‘Toxic Waltz’) or spitting fire about not fearing the consequences of their actions (‘Sailing Down Death Valley’) that they’re at their grittiest.

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Stream the album below.

Be sure to check them out at their album launch this Friday in Joburg.