Press Release

European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP) comes to Oppikoppi

In 2018 Oppikoppi took the big decision to steer clear of making any large investments in international headliners, and to rather dedicate the #OK24Nomakanjani line-up to showcasing some of their finest homegrown talent.

While they are all about shining a light on some of the best musical offering South Africa has produced, we have not forgotten our friends from foreign lands. This year Matchbox Live and Oppikoppi are proud to announce that the festival will be taking part in the European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP).

The ETEP is a exchange programme which facilitates the booking of European artists at festivals outside of their home countries. Oppikoppi will be the first African festival to join the likes of Coachella, Roskilde, Lollapalooza and Pukklepop in taking part in the exchange programme.

Learn More about ETEP and please join us in welcoming the following artists to the #OK24Nomakanjani line-up:

Blind Butcher (Switzerland)
Blind Butcher is an abstract musical duo formed in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2010. Decked-out with glitter tights and a crazy-irritating post-punk rock attitudes, they have devoted themselves to an expanse of genres and created their very own very unique Disco Trash Sound. Blind Butcher are unfettered by convention and conformity. Coming from a generation that prefers liberation to security, they create without borders and styles. If you are the type of person looking for possible influences, you may hear a dash of Devo or the German Kraut Rock legends Can.

Dawn Brothers (Netherlands)
Who said roots can only ever be retro? Although it may seem as if The Dawn Brothers arrived from the past through a time machine, these players are focused firmly on the present – and the future! It couldn’t be more clear: the dusk has made way for the dawn of an entirely new era, in which the sixties and seventies are still the starting point but no longer the destination. Driven by guitar riffs and organ solos, these childhood friends form a machine that can’t be stopped, in which every cog feels vital. It’s as if the Dawn Brothers are writing the soundtrack to the Quentin Tarantino film they’ve just escaped from. These Dutchmen will surely make an impact, leaving Oppikoppi in a scurry of sex, dust and soulful rock.