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Francois Van Coke releases ‘Ek Lewe, Ek Belowe video

The Bellville collective, which grew from Fokofpolisiekar’s five founding members, realised a long time ago that there’s strength in numbers and have kept their inner VanFokKingTasties circle tight over the years.

Francois Van Coke & Vriende, probably best exudes this ethos, with Van Coke’s solo familie expanding to include member of Die Gevaar as of late.

Keeping it in the family, Francois Van Coke’s new video for ‘Ek Lewe, Ek Belowe’ featuring Die Heuwels Fantasties, is filmed by Jaco S. Venter and features the clan performing in a room, which I’m convinced is somewhere inside Van Hunks but could be anywhere really so don’t mind me.

It’s a pretty straightforward live performance narrative that plays with various shades and degrees of light on the close-ups of the musos’ faces and I do enjoy the bird’s eye view shots which adds an interesting element.

The decision to put out a four-track EP before the biggest solo show of Van Coke’s career was a genius move. The fact that it went to #1 on the iTunes chart is the icing on the cake. Now watch this show sell out. Watch the video below.