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Gangs Of Ballet release ‘Black And White’ video

Have you ever been in a relationship – familial, friendly or romantic – where you were taken for granted and treated like general shit? I’m going to take a flyer here and assume almost everyone reading this has and say, whether it’s through the animation or the lyrics, you’ll identify with Gangs of Ballet’s latest single ‘Black And White’.

After announcing that they were calling time on their career as a band, GOB’s last music video is for their first official collaboration and as per usual, Jack Parow kills it. I bumped into lead singer Brad Klynsmith just after they recorded the single as he told me that Parow pretty much nailed his part in one take – a reoccurring feat I don’t think the rapper is credited enough for.

It’s also the group’s first animated video, working with Feral Child Animation House, who expertly translated the intensity of the lyrics while weaving the EP’s thematic colours all through the frames.

“We spent time sitting with Feral Child, chatting around our design aesthetic for the EP and looking at our Bauhaus references. So their animation style really compliments the song and feel of our art and it’s come out as a really interesting art piece of their own! You also gain massive appreciation for their art when you understand the process it takes to get to the final product,” declares Brad. That process (cell animation) is the result of thousands of frames that are drawn and painstakingly stitched together to form a 3-minute-or-so video.

There’s a particularly striking scene where a girl appears and picks up one of the figures and clips him onto her ear – one of a few metaphors created for being used and abused.

“The video for ‘Black And White’ is beautiful to engage with. At the same time is also a strange thing to think that we won’t be going through this process as a band ever again. Besides the music, we get to do these other artistic things as mates and creatives, so they are moments to be cherished,” confesses Brad.

I’ve enjoyed watching Gangs Of Ballet grow from strength-strength over the years but, just like Zebra & Giraffe calling it a day, some projects are worth bowing out of when you’ve accomplished all of your goals. Watch the video below.

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Keep your eyes peeled for our final interview with Gangs Of Ballet next week.