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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #51

Durban features strongly in this week’s selection with a hug hip hop release and some inspiring collaborations across multiple genres. Narratives of discrimination, problematic behaviour and complacency are tackled in several instances, highlighting that music has and always will be a powerful channel for delivering substantial messages to a broad audience. That being said, we’re also here to get ready for the weekend and these songs will help you get there.

Nasty C – Strings and Bling
The highly anticipated new album from one of the hottest, yet least controversial, young rappers in SA, has finally arrived. And you can rest easy knowing that it lives up to all the hype that it garnered from the Cape Town and Johannesburg listening parties over the last week. Powerful beat structures, jiggy flows and the signature honest lyricism we’ve come to expect from the artist. The collaborations on the album are considerately curated and add volumes to the impact of the full product.

Gyre – Quarantine
“Quarantine, we call it our home.” The song and video is a commentary on the segregation and prejudice the queer community experiences from society, their families and friends for choosing to embrace their true selves and be the people they were born to be. Let this stand as a powerful celebration of finding their voices and being unafraid to tell their stories to the world.

MISSU – Dilemma feat Red Robyn
The video perfectly encapsulates the raw, awkward and romantic independence of the each artists style. MISSU is a challenging producer who isn’t shy of pushing boundaries while Red Robyn has a saccharine vocal tone that she uses as a weapon. I’m a huge fan of these artists separately and even more so in collaboration.

Robin Thirdfloor – Crazy feat. Easy Freak
Uplifting beat composition, vernacular rap and groovy crooning in an unexpected combination from some of Durban’s most exciting young artists. It’s collaborations of this nature that will see more underground artists getting mainstream audience exposure and assist in pushing the depth of content being produced across the country.

Hitsubishi feat RxSolo – Every Year
Pretoria and Cape Town meet to lament on the frustrating repetition of habitual behaviour with a beat that supports the progression of the track in juxtaposition to the content of the lyrics. I would like to test this out on a dancefloor, it could be a hit.

Tzara – A New World Would Be Nice
Ambient piano and rolling bass line electronica from the queen of emotional beat construction. The inclusion of Korean vocal samples and arpeggiated chord structures build a storyline within the song that is intriguing and coercive enough to encourage multiple replays.

Robin Muniz – Fergie Fergs
Wonky, wobbly Muniz style house bootleg of Fergalicious, dancing on that contentious border line between commercial music and discerning house music. A line I mess with all the time and appreciate the rebellion from any artist who owns their perspective on the melding of genres.

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