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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #54

This week’s selection is drenched in raw emotional honesty. There is a nod to heritage and an embrace of futurism, there is a kick in the pants of complacency and an introduction to a world of sounds you’re yet to discover. There are a lot of challenges in this playlist, but I know you’re all up for the experience. Click play, share, enjoy and rave safe.

Tall Thief – Slipped
My favourite dream pop wizard returns with a heartbreaking new demo. A thing I have always appreciated about musicians is there ability to use their art to communicate the honesty and culpability of their mistakes when they fail to do so in “real life”. It doesn’t condone their shortcomings, but it does give a lot of insight to the human behind the music. And aside from the deep emotional content of the track, it’s also a killer composition.

Nonku Phiri – Sifo
As an ode to grief the track encourages a discourse surrounding the necessity of embracing our vulnerability in a time of great loss and the importance of acknowledging the habitual defeats of not living with intention. The single is, in many ways, a departure from her previous releases. By asserting her creative independence from the predictable expectations of how her music should progress, Nonku has facilitated an authentic representation of her voice and character. Relinquishing past pressures ensures that the music is free to evolve in an organic state.

GREEKGOD – HLANGANISA feat M’tunez-i and Salayi
An absolute burner feature one of my favourite MC’s in the game, M’tunez-i and this devastating beat from GREEKGOD actually can’t be ignored. The vocal sampling is genius and with the bass busting out of my headphones, I can’t wait to hear this bellowing out of a massive sound system.

Kevin Murning – Mode’s Arp
I first discovered Kevin Murning thanks to some friends with incomparable music taste, and I will forever be grateful for the gift. So in turn I present the gift to you. Complex, indepth and coercive with every progression you will experience a myriad of emotions with each listen.

Rose Bonica – Don’t Let It Get To Your Head
More like a serving suggestion than a warning, this latest offering from one the most forward thinking producers in the country will unsettle you in the best way possible. Here to strike fear into the hearts of your complacency for being spoonfed the same monotony on repeat, Rose Bonica’s sound has matured and is composed in a manner that alludes to an exciting future for her career.

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