Opinion Review

I Believe In Giants: Sink or Swim

I Believe in Giants’ debut EP, “Sink or Swim”, oozes nostalgia-soaked punk rock riffs and is a classic example of the Americana rock movement which suffused the early 2000s.

Displaying clear Sum 41 and Offspring influences, Jéan Lombard (vocals), Hein Kruger (bass), Arno Venter (guitar and backing vox), and Konstant de la Porte (guitar and backing vox) deliver a swift, energy-fuelled offering.

“To live, to live would be an awfully big adventure.” A rippling Peter Pan quote opens ‘Never Say Die’, which swiftly plunges into easycore rock riffage, underpinned by affected vocals and occasional screamo undercurrents – as the song aggressively urges one to follow one’s heart.

‘Against All Odds’ strips things down to a drum and guitar foundation, navigating a somewhat cliche sound with practiced, smooth orchestration – while ‘Rise & Fall’ and ‘Northern Lights’ explore the nuances of living ones life to the fullest.

With easy finality, ‘Kings of the Sky’ strips things down once, manifesting as a percussive rock track, and ‘Young at Heart’ finds its feet as the ever-necessary, down-tempo ballad wrapping up the EP with polished grace.

Listen to the album below.

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