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Jimmy Nevis releases ‘Stay In Your Lane’ video

Jimmy Nevis’ first single off his new album “Chimera” is all about questioning whether or not you should follow your heart and pursue your goals no matter how big they may be, or remain realistic and essentially play it safe.

Directed by Mad Little Badger’s Shamiel Somi (‘Misscato’), this was the first video cut specifically for Instagram TV in SA, quite a feat if you consider the level of quality music video some local production houses are churning out.

The video is aesthetically slick – from the retro ‘70s type font to each new mise en scene –  and elevates the straightforward narrative with interesting visuals, while the appearance of lauded comedian Marc Lottering and legend DJ Ready D in the video gives it a healthy dose of street cred.

Nevis, in his signature hat and Ray-Bans, moves from choreographed dance scenes to a backseat with his “Taxi Queen” with pimp-like ease decked in a fur coat.

You can’t deny that Nevis has managed to carve out one hell of niche for himself in SA pop culture and is probably one of the hardest working pop stars on the scene, enjoying a 6-year-long career that has seen him add philanthropist (Blue Collar Foundation) and fashion designer (York Yard) to CV. If that’s not entrepreneurial then I don’t know what it. Watch the video below.

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