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JP Bouvet: Attend clinics with this drumming chameleon

When I interviewed SA Drummer Magazine’s founder Warren Van Wyk, at the beginning of the year, he made it very clear to me that he had several goals that he wanted to achieve with his new venture. One of those was to make the online publication an umbrella under which many different drum-related projects could thrive.

Six months later and he’s well on his way to doing just that, after announcing a nationwide month-long drum clinic with New York-based drummer, JP Bouvet. Bouvet is somewhat of a drumming chameleon, but even that seems like a limiting term when you consider the range of drumming styles he executes.

His band Childish Japes rocks hard and dabbles in jazzy grooves and beats primed for rappers, with enough slick kit work for the fusion heads to notice. But he’s also the drummer for Generation Axe, a traveling circus of guitar heroes from the ‘80s and beyond.

And then there’s his online educational presence, where he steers clear of explaining beginner material, instead focusing on his unique perspectives on rhythm and craft.

Bouvet’s work with SA Drummer Magazine in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town will be threefold. First he will hold a drum clinic, which is essentially a master class, where Bouvet will demonstrate different grooves and exercises and will also feature a Q&A section where those in attendance will have a chance to ask him whatever they’d like.

Next, Bouvet will hold a three-day drum camp where he will give lessons and tasks to those in attendance, a prime one-on-one experience that will be indispensable to those willing to work and learn.

And finally, there will be a Drum Festival held which will feature a expo throughout the day of demos and gear, as well as a performance section where Bouvet will perform alongside other SA drummers.

This is the kind of educational opportunity that a budding drummer can only wish for and if you’re one of them, don’t be a fool and miss out.

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