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Lo! releases ‘Gods of Ruin’ video

When I attempted immigration to Australia in 2013, I thought I’d be chasing Wallabies and watching the Kookaburras fly past. I definitely wasn’t expecting to pursuit upcoming metal bands or observe talented metalheads play in gritty bars. However, the latter became my reality, and it was during my Aussie adventures I came upon blackened sludge metal band Lo!

Lo! are a Sydney-based quartet that have been performing since 2006. It wasn’t until 2013, that the band became a household name after completing a heavy European tour with post-metal bands Cult Of Luna and The Ocean.

It was somewhere between the haze of smoke and cheap beer that I saw the band perform live in a local Aussie venue and immediately noticed their high energy. In fact, that exact energy was captured in their latest music video for track ‘Gods of Ruin’ which is from the album ‘Vestigal’ that is available now from Pelagic Records.

The concept for the music video was conceived by guitarist Carl Whitbread and bassist Adrian Shapiro who wanted to find a unique and interesting way to make use of the live footage. The base footage was shot in October 2017 in Romania as a single shot. All the visual effects were completed by Carl over a couple of months. Vocalist Sam Dillon adds, “Gods of Ruin is a take on the American phenomena of mass gun ownership and the tragic reality of an armed population triggered constantly by fear and ignorance. We become a flood of bullets now.”

Ah, yes, Aussies! They make great metal but I’m yet to understand their lingo. Watch the video below to get a taste and feel of Lo! Watch the video below.

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