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MIAGII: High Hopes

There was this one time I referred to MIAGII as “pop punk” and I think all the members collectively threw up in their mouths a bit. Thinking back on that now it’s enough to make me chunder too.

Their second album “High Hopes” picks up where their debut left off by exploring more of the same “’90s inspired hooks and melodies” and opener ‘New Years Eve’ lyrically sets the scene for an exploration of the “youthful optimism” that inspired the album’s title.

Garage rock-rooted riffs and power drumming courtesy of Josh Roscoe lay the solid foundation upon which vocalist Marc de la Querra’s twangy vocals get to shine, the most prominent in their first, swaggy, single ‘Eat Me Alive’.

There’s a palpable Foo Fighters strain present in second single ‘High Hopes’, complete with a scream straight outta His Grohliness’ vocal handbook. The accompanying video, directed by Alastair Thomas, taps heavily into various elements of ‘90s pop culture with the featured actress sporting a Nirvana-branded tee and flannel shirt before she takes LSD – the decade’s preferred drug of choice.

Closer ‘Down’ encapsulates everything that I love about this release – as a simple tempo change switches it up from manic punk anthem to low and slow grunge offering while de la Querra tries to lyrically figure out what he’s doing with his life. It’s sexy as fuck.

My advice would be to listen to this album as loudly as your neighbours won’t let you.

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