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MISSU releases ‘Dilemma’ video

Normally TATC doesn’t double-up on features but this piece of art is so nice, I decided to dive into it twice. Durban-based producer MISSU (real name Sean Ross) teamed up with his longtime friend Luke Nelson (director, editor and cinematographer) to create the video for his new single ‘Dilemma’.

According to Ross the track is, “A playful mix of genres which boasts elements of soul, future and EDM, the song wrestles with ideas of relationship and creative limbo and finding direction through difficult choices.”

Shot over 4 days around various locations in Durban, Nelson does a good job at capturing the tension and frustration that the protagonists (including dancer Chad Whitby) are attempting to vent through various actions and through dance. There’s a particularly simple but striking frame at 2:44 which positions Ross, legs crossed, smack-bang in the middle of a deserted parking lot while it’s pissing with rain. A great metaphor for “what the fuck am I doing with my life rn” if I’ve ever seen one.

The addition of Red Robyn (real name Ash de Gee) on vocals lifts the somewhat polarizing beats, giving the track the structure that it needs circa tempo changes. With a light, R&B-like vocal quality akin to that of AlunaGeorge sans the accent, Red Robyn even throws a rap verse in there for good measure, flexing those broad genre muscles solidly.

So far removed from the electro-pop stylings of ‘Stare’ and the down-tempo nature of ‘Colours’, both released over a year ago, MISSU & Red Robyn continue to push the boundaries of their unique partnership.

If this first single is any indication of the quality features on MISSU’s forthcoming EP “An Education” then we’re in for a real treat. Watch the video below.

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