New and innovative ways to play poker in SA

It’s a good time to play poker in South Africa, with a formidable variety of impressive and glitzy casinos opening up across the country, alongside new developments that are changing the way people play this beloved and historical card game.

The poker scene in SA is as lively as it’s ever been, with keen players continuing to flock to the game both online and in established casinos. Let’s take a look at some new and innovative ways people are playing poker in South Africa.

Casino Country

Since casinos were legalised a few years back, every major metropolitan area in the country now has at least one casino where the locals can go to play poker, as well as slots and blackjack. Many of South Africa’s most popular hotspots have recently become global gambling Meccas, housing some of the best casinos and poker playing around. The Sun City Casino in the popular resort in Rustenberg can rival anything on offer in Las Vegas, with hundreds of card tables, thousands of slot machines and well over 1000 staff members to help gamers indulge their every whim in this ultra-luxury destination. Similarly, the acclaimed Montecasino in Sandton was recently ranked the number one casino in the country, for bringing European style luxury and service alongside innovative gaming and an endless variety of fun distractions for when you’re not at the poker table. If the rise of the big casinos have changed anything about poker in South Africa, it’s that the game is now bigger, classier and more glamorous than it ever was before.

The Digital Era

Like much of the rest of the world, a lot of the poker playing in South Africa has moved into the digital realm in recent years, with an explosion in online casinos meaning that the majority of poker these days is now played over the internet. There’s no doubt that this trend has helped revolutionise the game itself, and how people play it, with recent developments like online video poker showing how the web and gaming have intersected in new and exciting ways. Poker has also been innovated in the way that players can now play virtually any variety of poker, from seven-card stud to Texas hold ’em, without having to leave their living room, and often without having to even leave the website they’re currently on. Poker in South Africa has become more flexible than ever before and has allowed the average player to become much more knowledgeable about the game and all of its varieties, thanks to the unlimited information offered by the internet.

The Future of Poker

With these main developments showing how poker playing has changed and continues to change, one can’t help but wonder what lies in store for the future of poker. Will it be the big casinos with their over-the-top service, or the online poker tables that allow frictionless movement between different games that win the day? Both approaches to poker remain hugely popular in SA to this day, and it’ll be interesting to see how the two intersect in the future.