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TOMS Durban annual sale is coming

TOMS Durban, previously known as Coastal Music, is one of the oldest music shops in Durban and has been around since the ’80s and this years marks its 40 year anniversary so you know that their Sale Weekend is about to kick things up a notch! 

Over the years they have built up a reputation for having reputable service with friendly, knowledgeable staff, having been in their current location Park Boulevard Centre’s lower level since 1999 after moving from Winder Street.

Just like TOMS Braamfontein, TOMS Durban’s annual sale is an institution with people asking all year round for a heads up before the next one.

People have been known to camp out from 10pm the previous evening, bringing their camping chairs and cooler boxes, and once the doors are opened the store has been known to limit the amount of people inside so as to ensure enough space for everyone.

The sale has also become a get-together of sorts, with hundreds turning out – from Pietermaritzburg to Richards bay, where band members meet, friends are made and sale buddies from last year reunite while they wait in the infamous queue. So mark these few dates off on your calender and clear your schedule!

Keep your eyes peeled on TATC for breaking sale info and perhaps a sneaky giveaway or two!