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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #56

If you are reading this, think of me, covered in dust and mildly sun-kissed in the middle of Limpopo, at Oppikoppi. This week’s selection is a showcase of deep house, unexpected collaborations and raw, honest introspection – all packaged with big bass lines and grooves to get you through the weekend. Click play and rave safe.

M2KaNE – Letter to Blaklez
This young rapper from PE struggled to find his feet in Johannesburg, the city defeated him. One of his idols presented him with the truth about persevering through the struggle and not running away. But the pressure was too much and he returned to his home on the coast. His decision haunted him, and this modern Stan-like letter to Blaklez is raw and honest account of the entire experience.

SbudaHH – Wavey Wavey feat Young IG
Rampant and enthused delivery at the forefront of an ominous piano chord loop. There is confidence and strength in the artists tone, which almost makes it forgivable that the the content is the stock-standard women, money, fame. The beat is killer and could benefit from more relatable content.

Bongeziwe Mabandla & David Scott – SOKOLO
David Scott is the national treasure of South African meme culture, and the brains behind The Kiffness. His versatility as a producer has been used to in an inspired pairing with the genius of Bongeziwe Mabandla, whose voice breaks hearts and unites people within its warmth and power.

Fortune Shumba – TRASH!
One of my all time favourite local producers Vox Portent, doing so much justice for one of South Africa’s favourite new voices, Fortune Shumba. An anthem calling out toxic masculinity and taking back ownership of the place femme rights have in society. “Why do you take all of his bullshit, when you’re not a toilet seat” – what more needs to be said.

Adam De Smidt – Send After Midnight
Adam is a sensitive soul and a killer producer. He disappears from time-to-time and always reappears with a devastating new offering. We get so caught up in social media and constantly being in contact with everyone that we forget that a lot of people thrive in solitude, this man’s genius should be appreciated more.

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