Opinion Review

Me’ek: Water As We Kiss

Industrial goth rockers Me’ek are a youngblood band from Johannesburg and they just dropped a stellar EP titled ‘Water As We Kiss’. The duo, Carla Malrowe on vocals and John al-Khayal on guitar, began producing music together in 2015 but it wasn’t until earlier this year when they gave the public their official release.

And what a well-produced release it is too! The dark wave industrial influence reigns throughout the EP but doesn’t overpower the sultry melancholic vocals provided by Carla. Fans of prog rock band Tool and post-punk band The The will especially appreciate tracks like ‘The Riddle’ and ‘Eurydice’ as the international influences come through quite strongly but with a very dark and insatiable twist. The stand-out track from the EP is without a doubt ‘Right here’ as it captures everything from atmosphere to emotion as well as shows off the proficient musical skills that Me’ek has to offer.

The quality of the EP is undoubtedly high-class from top to bottom. It was produced in Johannesburg by Barry Berk – who has also worked with award winning singer and songwriter Laurie Levine. The short and sweet five song track list flows into each other so that the listener can relax and enjoy the ear candy.

Me’ek are bringing back the goth and I can certainly see them gaining momentum in the ever-changing and growing South African music scene.

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