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Sannie Fox releases ‘Criminal For Your Love’ video

Despite being a bit cheesy, the video for Sannie Fox’s ‘Criminal For Your Love’ has an undeniable charm and energy that reminds us of the kind of youthful, free-spirited rebellion that defined the hippie era.

It’s a video in which we see Fox sometimes running, sometimes walking, away from a pursuing police presence along a moonlit dusty road. Her performance perfectly encapsulates the devotion she has for the love she’s after. She seems entirely unconcerned about the fact that she might be going to jail because she believes so strongly in the love that she feels and there’s a sense of reckless abandon in her swagger as she removes one or two items of clothing and tosses them to the wind.

The video thrives in its simplicity and the focus is always on Fox as she gives her final statement – or perhaps it’s a confession of guilt. The lights of the police in the background don’t distract but rather add to the milieu. The cheeky, rebellious feel is reinforced when Fox picks up and starts playing a guitar in the middle of the road, complete with a defiant look at the police following her.

This is a video that doesn’t take itself too seriously and in doing so, adds a light-heartedness to the song. Watch the video below.

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