Opinion Review

The Man Motels: Quit Looking At Me!

Back on the scene after their hiatus in 2013, The Man Motels’ new 8-track album, “Quit Looking At Me!” is in smothered with heavy doses of Americana-esque rock riffage, orchestrated at a breakneck pace.

Muffled, ruffled electric guitar dominates the offering, as prolonged, headbanging riffs stitch each track into place. ‘National Anthem’ is gritty in its simplicity and somewhat muddy sound but its overall context could’ve been defined a bit better as it seems slightly out of place. ‘Logic and Lies’ hones in on high-tone melody however, blatantly shedding light on how power so brutally taints humankind’s morality.

Accompanied by an equally uplifting music video, ‘Homecoming’ finds its niche with simplistic, dance-driven rock forte, while cacophonous energy takes to the fore in the bassline-driven leanings of ‘Hell > Heaven’ and ‘C.U.Next Tuesday’s heady drum work.

Rapid fire energy bursts forth in the tantrum-esque delivery of ‘Quit Looking At Me!’, whose wild temperament and excessive bouts of mildly unimaginative lyricism, leave the midsection of the album a little shaken. In pleasing contrast however, ‘Tugboat’ saves the day in its concluding role, peppered in extensive riffs and pop-leanings: a cumulative oceanic metaphor for life.

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