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The Medicine Dolls: A Good Chance of Bad Weather EP

The Medicine Doll’s second EP of the year comes wrapped in lilting, almost nostalgic themes, fringed in hard-edged punk-rock riffage and which somehow harks home to the mid-90’s thriving London punk scene. While their last EP, “Love Lost Lullabies” found its flow in an angry, almost angsty thematic vein, “A Good Chance of Bad Weather” takes things down a notch, while simultaneously maintaining a sleek, polished approach to their sound.

Greg Allan’s unique vocal approach is largely what sets this trio apart from the garage rock scene. The opening, titular track finds rasping vocals rubbing shoulders with a driving bass-line, steeped in retro influence, and veined in a strangely eerie undercurrent which persists throughout the EP. Full-bodied riffs are paired with wily lyricism: “I want to love you darling creature/ I want to kiss your fucking soul.”

Rhythmically dominated, ‘Careful Affection’ navigates the inconsistencies of love with rapid fire lyrics and an almost bouncy melody which still maintains the eerie textures so prevalent in this offering, while ‘Sick Little Cynics’ wraps up the EP with gritty purpose and reinforces their roughened niche in the post-punk sphere.

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