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Årabrot release “Who Do You Love” album

Årabrot vocalist Kjetil Nernes was diagnosed with malignant throat cancer in 2014, in the middle of a tour and nstead of heading in for surgery right away, the band finished a full European tour first.

“Every night of that tour was like the last show ever. It was really strange. When a doctor calls and says, ‘you’re terribly sick’, it’s surreal. You go into this phase where life is more vivid and more real, in a weird way. We’ve done so many shows through the years and sometimes it’s a little like going to the factory to do a job. But with an axe hanging over your head you perceive the world differently,” Kjetil explains.

After successfully recovering from cancer, The Norwegian Grammy-award winning band are stronger than ever and ready to rock – this time with Pelagic Records as their new home.

Expect purposeful mismatches, a world of friction between the noisy, disharmony and tension, as well as rivalling moments of harmonic relief on Årabot’s latest offering. Kjetil says, “I’m interested in feelings, either the very silent or the extremely noisy. I don’t care about what’s in between, the middle of the road isn’t my thing. The bible fits really well with that. I’m using it thematically all of the time.”

The album officially drops on the 7th of September but TATC is live streaming the album just for you.

Listen to the album below.

The album is also available for purchase here: http://bit.ly/arabrotEU