Opinion Review

Devin Harmer: I’m Pretty Sure This Is Where I Am Now

Gentle synth and acoustic strains rule supreme in this six-track offering from Devin Harmer. For the Cape Town-hailing artist this is the culmination of years of work leading to the release of “I’m Pretty Sure This Is Where I Am Now” – a debut EP which is a charming navigation of the simpler things in life.

High tone, chiming synth serves as a fragile backbone to the acoustic leanings of the project. ‘Options In Hand, Options Ahead’ finds its feet with organic percussion and clarified vocals, while ‘I’m Slowly Getting Fatter Everyday’ navigates the subtleties of the purpose to one’s process.

The breakneck pace of ‘Roller’ brings up the tempo – “So hold thumbs/ roadside gambler/ won’t you go my way” Harmer belts – while ‘With the Outlook of an Optimist’ injects a fleshed out, radio-friendly aesthetic into the mix.

The EP’s overall sound leans towards the familiar strains of SA’s indie scene, albeit encompassing a stripped down quality, resulting in an offering which is just a touch too familiar but engages a comfortingly summery optimism in it’s delivery.

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