Opinion Review

Dutchkid: Empires

Navigating the subtle line between commercial pop hooks and experimental electro, London-based four piece Dutchkid’s debut is an EP that fuses multiple genre elements together. Identifying as a creative collective, the independent group write, direct and produce all their own music and “Empires” serves to assert this.

Pattering synth progressions are backed by solid bass backbones, which hold the grounding aspects of the EP in place. Catchy beats are countered by multi-dimensional electronic experimentalism. Vocals bounce between Jordi Van Dyk and Peter Coggan, slipping into accapella-esque layered tones. ‘Wildflower’ and ‘Young Lovers’ are rooted in pattering, high-tone energy, countered by easy electronic percussion.

Lyrically the EP is simple and peppered in repeated verses, which serve primarily to add context to its multi-faceted quality. Thematically revolving around love, cheesy lyricsm is offset by catchy phrasework which hints at The xx influences.

Organic percussive effects harness ‘High’, backed by a growling baritone bass drop – while the grooving disposition of ‘Glow’ harks to the 1990’s and the titular track strips things down to easy vocal lines. With equally arresting contrast, ‘Floors’ wraps things up with raw, acoustic grace as sentimentality ties the knot on the EP.

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Listen to “Empires” below.