Opinion Review

Fure: New Beginning

Cape Town-based and Durban-raised artist, Fure is the stage moniker of producer Sean Charteris – whose latest release, “New Beginning”, comes after three years of silence since his debut in 2015.

This 11-track album is is an amalgamation of assorted electronicism – thematically exploring love, joy, hope and acceptance with simple, straightforward eloquence and fleshed out with strong baseline foundations and summery drops.

The high tone, almost acoustic tendencies of ‘Our Home’ and ‘All I Wanted’, lend occasional earthier tones to the album, however clarified vocals and slick EDM production reign supreme. The expansive, synth-centric soundscapes of ‘The Way You Love Me’ and scintillating bass drops of ‘Gold’ provide an anthemic quality to the multi-layered dance music.

‘Dragons’ incorporates a slightly darker sound, as low-tone, non-harmonic vocals counter stripped down electro lines – while ‘All I Wanted’ navigates a tricky father-son relationship.

The album stretches a little too long for comfort though as the tracks tend to bleed into one another slightly.

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