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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #60

A meeting of minds and ideas is predominant in this week’s selection, with long time collaborators and new combinations cropping up across the country.

There is a lean towards owning your agency in your creative endeavours and taking pride in your distinct talent, which is a necessary motivator from which we can all benefit. Use that energy wisely, enjoy the music and have a great weekend.

Easy Freak – Plans & Stars
After relocating to Joburg a while ago this electro-pop duo now exude a lightness to their sound that wasn’t there before. As a result their two new singles are more ‘Good Times’ and less ‘So Lonely’. The two tracks also serve as a sort of ying and yang to each other – ‘Plans’ the one that’s likely to pull you towards the dance floor while ‘Stars’ the one that’s likely to get you laid. – Tecla Ciolfi

Dion & Nonku – All I Need
A 15 minute excursion, realized as a public release three years after its inception. Dion Monti and Nonku Phiri are a formidable musical pairing, displaying a deep understanding of each other’s nuances. The full release includes remixes from Jakinda and Christian S and will be available from 21 September, but you can pre-order it now from Afrobotic Musicology’s bandcamp.

Mark Akol – Growing Pains feat Refentse
This sultry neo-soul and afro inspired track is a groovy and refreshing offering from the Cape Town producer, with a strong vocal performance from Refentse, the guest artist. Lyrical content calling for an embracing of self and one’s uniqueness is a reminder we all need on a daily basis.

6Hebhe – BACK UP
Classic dick-swinging new generation rap music, I mean no foul by that comment but there are recognizable influences from certain artists which both assists and cheats the track. It does, however, intrigue me enough to want to hear more from this artist.

Narch – Odyssey EP
There really isn’t a genre that Narch can’t tackle. I remember when he first told me he was making techno, I was both curious and skeptical. But then he released the music and it was incredible. I’ve been waiting with baited breath for some new music and this EP is incredible. The opening track is reminiscent of classic rave, with the magnificent Mikhaela Faye weaving a beautiful vocal tale. ‘My Arp Hertz’ has me waiting for Wesley Snipes to emerge from the darkness to kill some vampire scum, while ‘Woodstock’ featuring Whosane is just too gully.

Chee – Aggressive Generosity EP
Having relocated to America, Chee is in the midst of a thriving DJ career performing across North America on line ups with some of the biggest bass music artists in the world. As expected this new EP is gritty, unsettling and filthy – it’s comforting to know that he hasn’t lost his touch just because he’s in a different hemisphere.

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