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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #61

This week is filled with anthemic announcements and ownership of agency and debunking assumptions. Artists banding together because unity is a key to success, some old favourites returning with new heat and a brand new fresh out the box artist to add to our radar. This is a particularly killer combination of tracks and I’m already frothing for the weekend to begin.

Academie – Eyes
Jean-Louise addresses some pressing issues with the lyrical content in this track. Creative partnerships that involve men and women often have the perception that the men are in full creative control with the women being additions of features. Approaching it from the perspective of man-made artificial intelligence succinctly communicates the message of the song, accompanied by the flawless synth pop composition that we have come to respect from this duo.

Bijou Bijou – Serotonin Screen
Fresh out the box demo tracks popped online a few hours ago. Kirsten hails from Johannesburg but is currently in California and decided to bless our ears with this music. Reminiscent of power vocalists like PJ Harvey, Suzanne Vega and Stevie Nicks, melancholic, dreamy and deeply reflective psych dream pop.

The Plastics – So Lucky
We should be so lucky, and we are without a doubt fortunate to have our favourite indie pop boys back in studio and making music. My journey with this band from their outset until today has been a pleasure and a curse. I’m always ecstatic to hear new music from them but they often make us wait way too long. So let’s feel lucky together and hold onto this track until they give us an album.

Dope Saint Jude – GRRRL Like
Brand new DSJ! Massive, raw and gritty. An anthem announcing her presence, if you weren’t fortunate to already be aware of who she is. And after the last few weeks of chaos in the world, I feel like this track needs to end up in Serena Williams’ hands so that she can play it every time she steps onto a tennis court.

Terrence K – Need To Know
Heavily referenced and derivative lyrical content, but the song is jiggy and has the appeal that will hook the audience it needs. Small town artists making the pilgrimage to Johannesburg with the big city appeal in their eyes should be speaking about their lived experiences and I struggle to believe that Percocet and Molly is the climate from which he was birthed. That being said, Terrence K has tight potential in his flow and should take the opportunity to rap about less repetitive content.

Clint October & T.I.B – Unity EP
A collaborative EP by Clint October and Brandon Cupido with remix features by Neil Gain and Shadley Peterson. The EP is a representation of the need to unify and support each other in order to nurture their collective success, delivered in a deep and groovy package of dancefloor devastators.

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