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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #63

Your week has either been consumed by the infamous moth meme or one of a plethora of ridiculous political happenings from across the globe. You need some reprieve, a distraction perhaps.

This week’s selection is filled with a great mix of warm feelings, deep grooves and unexpected productions.

Navigate your way through the playlist and settle on the best way to soundtrack your weekend.

Jeremy Loops – Gold
After watching this video a few times I am completely in love with the couple and their energy. The warmth and spirit of the video perfectly reflects the energy of the track, you find yourself singing along and eagerly anticipating the moment the husband finds what he was searching for across the journey of the song. It’s good feelings and wholesome moments presented in an aesthetically flawless package.

Omar Morto – My Body feat Hello Vinegar and Josh Vector
A more pop offering than what has been released by Omar Morto in the past, the track is extremely infectious and memorable. Signed to David Gresham, ‘My Body’ has already been featured on a popular streaming site’s dance music chart. And while this release is an excursion from the music he plays out as a DJ, this can be seen as a sign of his diversity as artist.

The Late Night Cancerian – A is for August EP
Erefaan Pearce produces under the alias of The Late Night Cancerian and this long awaited new EP is highly anticipated amongst his industry peers. Pearce has played an integral role in weaving the rich tapestry of South African electronica, this EP is a showcase of soulful vocal sampling, rolling basslines and sexy grooves. The full release comes out on 12 October but you can preview the tracks now on Soundcloud.

Xee & Codekid – Chaos and The Unknown
This release isn’t brand new but it is definitely noteworthy. Xee & Codekid are hosting a launch for this EP in Cape Town over the weekend, giving listeners the opportunity to experience this journey in person. A distinct characteristic of this duo’s productions is apparent in the EP name, they embrace the thrill of the unconventional and construct a tumultuous narrative that is unique to their style.

Kwesta – Vur Vai
The gravel voiced, stone cold killer returns with another burner. I have always been mildly obsessed with Kwesta, but after watching him perform with a full live band at Oppikoppi I can’t shake the feeling that I’ll never quite outgrow his magic. The track creeps into your senses at it progresses, your head and shoulders start moving independently, the undeniable groove consuming youuntil it’s over and you have to press repeat.

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