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Limited Edish: Quality over quantity

Last month at Park Acoustics I walked passed two unassuming clothing rails with some tees hanging off them.

I stopped when Shortstraw’s bassist, Russell Grant, came out from behind one rail to greet and introduce me to his new Maboneng-based venture, Limited Edish – an online store focusing on limited runs of t-shirts and art prints that feature the work of illustrators and artists from around the world.

“So Limited Edish started out as a merch solution for Shortstraw and potentially other band friends, but I quickly wanted to grow it into something that would produce and sell my own products,” explains Grant. “With a very real passion of good t-shirts and a surprising lack of places to get the kinds of tees I wanted to wear, I decided to start making my own! With the band on a break this year, I was excited to use the time to grow it, and I’m real proud of our first 8 T-shirts I have put together thus far.”

I was immediately struck by the quality of the tees, I worked at Fittees for a while so I know a good cut and feel when I see one. I was also intrigued by the uniqueness of the designs on display – devoid of big brand names, pop culture references or sayings – just a sick illustration.

“After years of being lucky enough to see the world, and getting to know amazing talented illustrators and artists met through The Bioscope and Shortstraw, I always knew that my next venture would be one that makes the best use of the skills and talents of these people! And to help play a part in building their careers in whatever way I could,” said Grant.

Despite all the current tees being men’s cuts they do have a unisex appeal but Grant did detail that his future plan would be to cater to women too.

Check out some of Limited Edish’s prints below and browse the full range on their website.