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Rootspring release ‘Conscious Music’, an ode to the transcendent genre

In an intricate five-minute-long video, Rootspring Music unpack the dazzling diversity and comfortable insight of a few of the people who are apart of the unique Captonian label.

As passionate advocates of the integral position of music within our society, this video is a rippling testimony to the multi-faceted face of South African music and the broader intentions behind the alternative scene.

The message at the core of this offering is that conscious music creates connection between people at the deepest level – beyond religion, race, gender, politics and power, it is an incredibly powerful tool which can bridge the gaps within humanity.

The video itself is a series of interviews with the many individuals who both form the backbone of Rootspring, and the face which the company presents to the world. “[Music] just transcends all limitations. It brings about a sort of understanding of what it means to be a human being,” explains Nino Rivera, perched on a shallow wall in the sunshine. Rivera is both a musician and the founding member of Rootspring.

The video itself is beautifully and simplistically filmed; cutting from interview footage to casual shots of those in question, navigating juxtaposing corners of the Mother City. Nighttime driving through the city, a darkened art studio, the women of Amathongo in the comfort of their living room, plucking at kalimba keys.

Yannick Meyer of Native Young wanders a sprawling beach at sunset. “In any culture or any country where people have struggled, music is always something that people hold onto,” he advocates, hinting at the wealth of music which has come from the throes, as well as the rise of the people in the wake of, apartheid. Each piece of interview footage is backed by delicately melded snippets of the artists’ music, carefully bridging each individuals’ perspective.

“Music is a language of its own – no mater what cultural language one speaks, it’s uniting,” adds Nino. This is a raw, and powerful ode to musicality in its essence. Watch the video below.

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