Opinion Review

Sondrous: Something Like Serenity

Sondrous is a two-piece ambient post-rock duo hailing from Cape Town comprising of Gideon Lamprecht and Jaimie Hull.

Their debut album, “Something Like Serenity”, was written and recorded in just over five months, and feels like journey through the cosmos, something that would be well at home as the soundtrack of a grandiose space-set opus.

The album features eight tracks and, with each one seamlessly picking up where its predecessor leaves off, what feels like a continuous 40+ minute-long composition is best enjoyed when listened to as a whole. The album tells a complete story, with each song weaving together themes of optimism, reflection and despair to create a musical dreamscape for the listener to lose themselves in. Textured guitar combined with synth-y undertones lend an ethereal, sometimes eerie tone, which is complemented by haunting vocals.

The album moves at languid pace, with first track ‘Adrift’ setting the tone as it leaves you feeling just that. The songs indulge in their dream-like sounds, gradually picking up pace and some drums along the way. In the case of ‘In Purity’ a climax heralds a return to a more traditional rock sound, with the ambience taking a back seat to drums and guitar riffs.

“Something Like Serenity is a well-produced, atmospheric album and an impressive debut to boot.

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