Opinion Review

The Symphny: Vol. 1

Swazi-born, South African-raised musician The Symphny (real nameS itsandziwe Nkosi), has just dropped his debut offering – a fleeting EP navigating intricate, ambient electronic experimentation, overlain with cruising, soulful vocalism.

A clarified classical piano piece opens the project with tranquil ambiance, easing the listener into the offering. Eerie, percussive strains dominate ‘Time’, while soulful almost hip-hop influence slips into the mix as vocals take to the fore. The track lapses into unexpected silence and ends abruptly.

Thematic confluence is tricky to unravel, as he subtly explores the significance of individual complexity, a theme which is ever present in the melodic aspects of his sound.

Jazzy influences slip in and out of the mix, while spacey strains morph ‘Episodes’ into a wholesome, rolling track, laced in nostalgia. “I can’t deal with short-lived moments,” he asserts through multi-layered vocal lines and unpredictable rhythm as he explores his frustration at his attempts to find love.

Equally spacey and delving even deeper into electronic experimentalism, ‘Dreams’ urges the facing of ones fears, beneath a veil of lilting piano melody. “Comfort tells so many lies,” he attains, wrapping up his gentle, multifaceted musical delivery with unhurried simplicity.

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