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What Francois van Coke’s setlist could look like

With just over one week to go until showtime, Francois van Coke and his army of Vriende are prepping their performance for one of the biggest shows to hit Sun Arena in Pretoria.

But with a discography that’s seemingly never-ending – from his two chart-topping solo albums to his five VCK albums to the arsenal of Fokof releases – how the hell is he going to put a setlist together to appease the masses?

Luckily the show’s an extended one so it’s not as if they’re short on time, but we’ve taken the liberty to list a few songs that we’re 100% sure will make the cut.

Tot Die Son Uitkom – They’ve been gone for a minute so it’s easy to forget, but Van Coke Kartel was basically THE rock band from 2011 to 2014. If they don’t play this VCK fans will riot.

Altyd Lief Vir Jou – Early B is currently riding so high on the wave of his new release that it’s going the be a treat to watch him and Frannie slay this track off the “En Vriende EP”.

Dans Dans Dans – Back in the MK heyday this music video was everything, Jack and Frannie rock harder in this HAEZER and Justin de Nobrega-produced track than any other collab they’ve done so you know it’s coming.

Komma – With Johnny de Ridder on piano and Frannie centre-stage on the mic expect this instant fan favourite off “Selfmedikasie” to be another highlight.

Ek Skyn (Heilig) – Watching this performed live is like going to a lit church on a Sunday where everyone’s hands are raised, eyes are closed and they’re singing their hearts out. If they don’t play this Fokof fans will riot.

Toe Vind Ek Jou – Okay so, this one’s a no-brainer because it pretty much laid the foundation for Frannie to release his debut solo album and crossover to a whole new audience. Expect Sun Arena to erupt when this is played.

Die Wêreld Is Mal – Out of all of Frannie’s solo songs there’s something very special about this one. Maybe it’s because the video features his whole family. Maybe it’s because his commentary on what’s going on globally from a social and political perspective is spot on. Or maybe it’s the highlighted comment that gets me every time. Regardless, it would be a shame not to include it.

There are a few musos – like Majozi and Coenie De Villiers – who we’re not entirely sure how they’ll fit into the way the show is constructed, so perhaps we can count on a few of their originals being thrown into the mix?

We’ll find out next week. Until then check out everything you need to know about the event.