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Earth Ship release “Resonant Sun” album

When it comes to technology the Germans know what they’re doing. And it’s no different in their music scene either, like with sludge band Earth Ship. Exclusive to TATC, the Berlin-based three-piece band has released their fifth album for streaming today, titled “Resonant Sun” with long time label Pelagic Records.

Earth Ship are no strangers to the scene, having been around since 2010. Their signature sludge metal style combines elements of doom metal, stoner rock and features plenty of sharp contrasting tempos.

With new drummer Sebastian Grimberg on board the Earth Ship, the band continues to strive towards a more stripped-down sound as well as capture simplicity and heaviness in their craft. Most of the heaviness comes from frontman Jan Oberg, who’s various vocal ranges stretch throughout the album. Jan’s wife and Earth Ship’s bassist, Sabine Oberg, blends the bands bluesy notes and adds some groove giving the album a meaty feel.

As vocalist Jan explains, “It’s time for us to unleash our record ‘Resonant Sun’, the consequence of countless hours on the road and intoxicated madness. We’re pumped with the outcome – and think we’ve managed to strip it down to the raw essence of what the band has become.”

And he’s right, Earth Ship were able to capture their best whiskey-fuelled work in eight glorious tracks. Jan continues, “Drawing inspiration from opposites – Resonant Sun, will take you on a hard-boiled trip through a vast array of emotional oddities. We can’t wait to finally show you this filthy, fuzz-laden doom monster and hope that you’ll love it as much as we do. Go let the fuzz take you!”

The album officially drops on the 5th of October but you can stream it below.

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The album is also available for purchase below.