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Elle E: Etiquette

It’s all girl power and ’90s-reminiscent rock riffs in Elle E’s new solo offering. The eight-track assembly of edgy rock songs are both an exploration of Capetonian suburban culture, and an experimental navigation of her solo abilities.

Laced in DIY aesthetic and rapid fire riffage, vocals are the key driver of this collection – their melody is abrupt and unpredictable, treading the edgier line of her sound. The whining guitar riffs of ‘London Paris New York Berlin’ rub shoulders with swift percussive rhythm of ‘Suburbs’. On one hand, the offering addresses the burning desire to break away from the familiarities of home, while on the other it pays homage to the rich and multifaceted urban culture which built her background.

Melody strips down to jangling guitar lines and lazy, sultry vocalism in ‘Mimosas at Socials’ – an exploration of middle class opulence in a third world country. In a similar vein, Elle E addresses the lazy greed of suburban life in the languid pace and distortions of ‘Suburbs’. She hits home more than once throughout this offering, while maintaining fluid originality which allows one to hone in on her edgy outlook.

‘Life Force’ delivers a love song wrapped in gritty, garage rock influence and ‘Marine Life’ delves into welcome psych elements, while ‘Leftover Lamingtons’ is a charming analogy of suburban youth gone dry that’s half-hidden behind an ode to the childhood treat. “It’s soft, like a fluffy pillow hugging your tongue.”

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