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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #64

ZAfter much controversy, the weekend had finally arrived where many of you will be going to Rocking The Daisies or perhaps boycotting the event for whatever your chosen reason may be. Wherever you end up, hopefully you have great music to accompany you. This week’s selection traverses the spectrum from synth pop and hip hop. Rave safe.

Hello Beautiful – Feel Like Midnight
Our french new wave disco, major cowbell overload, rave inducing darlings have returned with an almost unbelievably incredible release. Every bang of the kick drum in my headphones has me begging to run to the nearest stage and watch this powerhouse band smash this record on a massive system. A few of you will be able to do that a lot sooner than me, so for now I’m turning up the volume and jumping around my house.

Adventure Man – Queen Anne Tea
Ahead of his European tour opening for The Parlotones, Gad de Combes has released a warm and sweet synth-pop ditty as an ode to his relationship and his beloved pug Shaniqua. The lighthearted content of his music has become an endearing and relatable reprieve from the din of formulaic and repetitive themes that characteristically flood this section of the genre spectrum.

Jack Stone – Summer Love
This song has been sitting in Jack Stone’s catalogue unreleased for a year and he has finally decided to make it public. Stone has the rasp and warmth of classic rock vocalists but with the combination of the synths and drum programming the track enters the genre melding realm where the likes of Imagine Dragons rest. Definitely worth a few listens to take in the full dynamic of the composition before making your final judgement.

M2KaNe – A Little Bit
It’s refreshing to hear honest lyrical content from local hip hop artists. While there is more than enough room for the jiggy embrace of hedonism and the high life it is essential to have content that relates to the reality and the struggles. M2KaNe’s tone and grit engages the ear, coercing the listener into paying attention to his words. The beat by GLXDWN is a sturdy support to the rappers delivery, with the piano composition invoking the perfect level of emotion.

Nick Holy – Pilot Wave Theory
The beat structure on this release is very tight, with massive low end and signature snares. You can hear immediately that there is a deep understanding of classic songwriting and composition. The features are strong and Nick Holy exhibits a high skill level for rhyming and singing which opens his appeal to a much broader audience. This release fascinates me, I’m definitely going to spend a good amount of time breaking it down into smaller pieces for consumption.

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