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InviZAble: XiFi

It’s likely you’ll have stumbled across InviZAble live, in some shape or form. Likely at Rocking the Daisies, deep in the Electro Dome. He’s the one in the isiXhosa grass hat and reflective visor which extends to his chin, twiddling dials with zebra-gloved fingers – and if that doesn’t sum up his music, I’m not sure anything will.

His latest recorded release, “XiFi” drops today and is a staggering amalgamation of African electro tangents, wrapped in cinematic soundscapes and unexpected genre switches. Earthy, cultural textures are rife and rippling, rubbing shoulders comfortably with cumulative electronic builds and deeply satisfying drops.

‘iThongo Lam’ opens the track as something of a multi-faceted box of melodic charms – and indeed the entire album can be summed up as such. From the chiming kalimba progression of ‘Nonkala’, which manifests into an off kilter deep dance drop, to the brass infused leanings of ‘Mhlaba ne Zulu’ feat. BCUC, this album treads all over the map with the dexterity of only a seasoned producer.

Epitomising InviZAble’s stage presence to a tee, ‘Invazion’ is laced in the sort of spacey synth work which lends itself to tin foil space suits and midnight sunglasses before dipping into electronic rock stylings. The reggae leanings of ‘!Kwantum Physics’ stir comfortable Caribbean beats into the mix, while ‘Entropy’ blends rock, dub, ’80s funk and ambient synths without batting an eyelash – stitching the atypical anatomy of this album together to produce a marvellously bizarre, multi-tiered offering which belongs nowhere and everywhere all at once.

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