Opinion Review

Pierre Stemmett: Self-Inflicted

Port Elizabeth-based singer-songwriter Pierre Stemmett’s latest release, “Self-Inflicted”, sticks a tentative toe into the electro-pop pool despite being incredibly varied in terms of the genres it features.

While highlight ‘Slush Puppy’ opens with the ear-worm of lo-fi crackling and a very simple, moody electric guitar riff underpinning Stemmett’s listing of the things he likes about his lover, ‘Opia’ is a straight-up Vampire Weekend-ish sounding, piano-rooted ode to new beginnings.

But when you reach the single-worthy, trap-fuelled ‘Claws’ that you realise there’s no continuity with this album, which isn’t necessarily the worst thing.

This album is a decent mixture of electro pop, trap and hip hop-inspired beats that makes it slightly schizo (don’t come after me for being un-PC, I’m not interested in your keyboard warrior ways) but exemplary of an artist still figuring out his way forward.

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