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Tzara & Three Witches release ‘Furies’ video

A cult-like, part-modern, part-archaic tangent unravels throughout this visual accompaniment to Tzara & Three Witches’ ‘Furies’.

Directed by Daniel Alexander and Marco Rodriguez, the video takes the viewer down a series of open-ended twists and turns – resulting in a slightly creepy and wholly bizarre visual offering, which ties right into the left-field niche Tzara and Three Witches occupy.

The track, which features as the opening of the collaborative EP “On the Beach At Night Together”, which they released earlier this year, is rooted in a pattering-off kilter beat, which at times almost manifests as hip-hop-esque. Johnny Coutsoudis and Ciaran Slemon’s vocals deftly bounce off one another, while Tzara’s silvery female presence slips in and out of play.

Experimenting with the theme of feeling disconnected in a overly-connected world, the track plays with inadequacy, jealously and frustration – while the video takes another tack entirely.

Inspired by the idea of unknowingly conjuring one’s inner demon which will inevitably push one off track, a greyish, de-saturated forest landscape dominates the screen, as a bizarre religious ritual begins to take place.

A slender priest figure addresses a clutch of white-clad devotees beside a trickling waterfall as, in another scene, Tzara slips through the forest like a dark, demonic temptress, while a cup of blood is shared between the devotees. The video treads the line of the macabre and the fascinating as eerie, choral vocals attune, “We are the last ones/See you on the other side.” Watch the video below.

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