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Blinky Bill: Everyone’s Just Winging It And Other Fly Tales

With his second solo offering, Nairobi-based musician and producer, Blinky Bill, has found his cornerstone niche through grandiose melody construction and multi-genre fusion.

Blinky Bill’s popularity on the African continent is large, however this release allows for an even greater extension of his reach.

Featuring collaborations with noirwave piorneer Petite Noir (‘Oh Wah’ finds its feet in high toned pop phrases as it explores the corruption of society), Zambian-born poet and rapper Sampa the Great (fluent rap phrases are backed by a warping baseline) and Nigerian-born songstress Nneka, this is an album whose sound is all over the map.

Sidestepping from spacey synth work and heady multi-textured percussion, to defined rap and RnB rhythms, Bill offers up a distinctly progressive take on African music at large.

Baritone vocal melodies dominate the album for the most part, lending a defined earthy tone to the sound as a whole. From the muffled baselines and light percussive aspects of ‘Lwanda Magere’, to the whining and warped guitar progression which underpins ‘Don’t Worry’ – Blinky Bill expertly stitches his unconventional album together with familiar vocals and cruising foundational beats.

This album is fresh whilst being familiar, that’s perhaps the highest compliment I can pay it.

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